Are is Movado a Good Watch: Brand or a Fashion Watch?

Are is movado a good watch: brand or a fashion watch?

Are is Movado a Good Watch

Movado. You’ve probably heard the name previously, and you might even find this article wanting to dive deeper into the brand and whether its watches are great. For other people, you might try, and as of now, you own one. Perhaps it was your most memorable genuine watch, or one procured at graduation.

Regardless, we’ll investigate Movado all in all in this article, exploring central issues ever, and recognizing objective manners by which to quantify the brand’s characteristics, assets, and shortcomings. We’ll likewise examine a portion of the conspicuous models in the list and even give brand options. Would it be a good idea for you to choose it? How about we bounce in?

About Movado Watches

Movado addresses a worldwide brand by arriving in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. While at first situated in legacy and customary Swiss watchmaking in its initial years, the Movado of today has spread into changed item classifications going from simple watches (quartz and programmed) to adornments, shades, and, surprisingly, savvy watches of late.

In this sense, the brand should be visible as even more a design brand with an emphasis on watches, and from this perspective, it’s ideal to break down the upsides and downsides of the brand’s assets, shortcomings, and general item contributions, essentially through a watch lover’s eye. For sure, for the mass market, Movado has come to address a specific norm of Swiss watchmaking and can often be found in shopping centers and retail chains close by other watches, like Michael Kors, Tommy Hilfiger, and Shinola. How could it obtain this standing?

The History Of Movado

Movado has a long and celebrated history. The organization was established in 1881 by Achilles Ditesheim, a youthful watchmaker who opened a little studio in the town of La Chaux-de-Fonds. In 1905, Ditesheim renamed his organization Movado, and that signifies “consistently moving” in the fake language Esperanto.

Movado immediately turned into a main watchmaking brand in Switzerland. However, it was in 1947 that the brand delivered a watch that would come to address a center part of its ethos and plan language pushing ahead. Enter-the notorious Exhibition Hall Dial.

Made by craftsman Nathan George Horwitt, this historic dial configuration highlighted an obvious, moderate face with a singular speck at 12 o’clock, representing the sun at its pinnacle. The Historical Center Dial caught the pith of innovation and immediately earned approval for its extraordinary mix of complexity and straightforwardness.

Today, it remains one of the most conspicuous watch dials on the planet, and, absolutely, the watch is generally connected with Movado. So famous that it was enlisted into the extremely durable assortment of the MoMA (Historical Center of Current Workmanship) in New York City in 1960, and the explanation is that it’s known as the “Exhibition Hall” watch.

However, we should not rest on Movado’s authentic specialized chops, by the same token. As a brand, Movado has generally pushed the limits of development, embracing new innovations and materials to upgrade the usefulness and stylish allure of its watches.

During the 1950s, the brand presented the Calendomatic, a progressive self-winding watch that integrated a day and date show, a noteworthy accomplishment at that point. Movado kept on developing with headways like the Datron (in organization with Peak), perhaps the earliest programmed chronograph, and the Vizio, a combination of computerized and simple innovation in their more current inventory.

Are Movado Watches Good?

Let’s not mince words. All wristwatches are an extravagance since we never again need them in our current culture. We’re encircled by time in different structures all through our regular routines, whether on the screen of our cells or on our workstations and PC screens, which are simply a speedy look away.

In this light, wristwatches are then an emotional decision in view of style and the things we are an incentive for (for instance: plan, leftover worth, etc.). In any case, there are a couple of regions where we can pursue objective choices in view of truth. How about we analyze this inside the setting of our fundamental inquiry: are Movado’s observations great?

Overpriced Timepieces

Accepting the Historical Center Exemplary, for instance, one could hope to spend between $600 to $2,000 at full retail cost to bring back home the brand’s most famous plan (with Swiss quartz and programmed developments accessible). Investigating different lines inside the brand, a Vizio would land you in the scope of $1,295 to $2,495, with a different line yet in the Alta venturing into the close $4000 territory for a programmed Swiss chronograph development.

For specific watch authorities who put significance on mechanical developments, or those acquainted with the serious scene inside each cost, it very well may be contended that what Movado is introducing might be overrated.

That is a direct result of the brand’s reliance on efficiently manufactured quartz developments in the $1000 territory and the accessibility of genuine extravagance watches from brands in the more exorbitant cost range.

Nothing bad can be said about the common sense and exactness of quartz for an everyday wearer (and for the greater part of the general mass market overall). Nonetheless, utilizing a quartz development is regularly connected with observes well under this cost. It embarrasses a lower relative expense for the maker than a mechanical development, which is more difficult to deliver and guarantee precision.

Consequently, many would concur that Movado watches might be valued a piece forcefully for what’s on offer, particularly with rivals in this reach offering strong programmed developments and plans at comparable price tags; for instance, Hamilton and Tissot.

Furthermore, when we break into the $2,000 through $4,000 cost range, we’re entering what many would consider a genuine passage level “extravagance” range. At this cost, you get brands like Longines, Oris, and Tudor, which all convey more weight and regard in the watch business for their own singular achievements.

Little To No Desing Innovation

While outward appeal depends on individual preference, it’s likewise a fact that Movado understands what they really do well from a plan point of view and, partially, sticks to it.

Doubtlessly, normal plan language all through a brand’s scope of items is an indication of a brand’s certainty and comprehension of its contributions; nonetheless, one can’t resist the urge to wish they’d digress a tiny bit from their notorious Gallery watch plan, with a smidgen more development than what’s as of now on offer.

Discussing the Historical Center Plan ethos, looking across the inventory, we see that a larger part of their different lines are simply developments or minor departures from that moderate tasteful with the sole dab at 12 o’clock: the Strong line, the SE, Present Day 47, Craftsman Series, Face, Bangles, Esperanza, and so on all draw from a similar Exhibition Hall Plan.

The couple of watches that don’t will generally be nonexclusive style watch plans that draw from other famous models across the business. Nothing bad can be said about giving a base degree to a famous plan; nonetheless, that’s what we know. By and large, Movado can be a force to be reckoned with in a new plan Would it be a good idea for them to zero in on it.

Significant Value Depreciation

An exhibition hall class programmed in 40mm and yellow gold PVD has a full rundown cost of $1,295. A fast quest for finished sold postings of a similar model in new condition on eBay shows that the cost being paid on the optional market is inside the $250 to $300 territory.

In the event that you have zero desire to sell the watch, auxiliary market values are logically of little concern. Nonetheless, this demonstrates that the brand experiences huge worth deterioration after buying.

An imminent purchaser would do well to find the most ideal limited value that anyone could hope to find to them, whether from an authority retailer or on the optional market, to relieve this devaluation. However, it’s not all pessimism, and nothing from what was just mentioned may prevent you. So what are a few reasons you could, in any case, need to purchase a Movado watch?

Historic Watch Brand

Established in 1881 and an overcomer of the quartz emergency during the 1970s, Movado is genuinely a brand with serious areas of strength inside the Swiss watchmaking industry. The Movado bunch has developed to incorporate brands like EBEL, MVMT, and, surprisingly, authorized brands under style marks, for example, Mentor, Hugo Chief, Lacoste, Calvin Klein, and Tommy Hilfiger.

At a certain point, they even claimed Piaget as one of the most noteworthy haute extravagance watch and gem creators. Furthermore, the Gallery watch is genuinely a symbol since its advancement in 1947, notwithstanding the way that abused the term might be while discussing watch plans (Bauhaus what not). In the event that you value the set of experiences, heritage, and planned ethos of the brand, don’t be deflected.

Several Models To Choose From

With an ongoing index spread across eighteen model lines, each model line is comprised of plenty of variety, size, material, and development variations; one is ruined for decision and liable to track down something that gets your attention across Movado’s item range.

Whether you like to stay with the proven exemplary Bauhaus-motivated Gallery configuration, favor the one of a kind propelled Legacy series plans, or even really like to articulate your thoughts with the intense variety choices inside the Cutting Edge 47 line, there is a lot to browse.

Quartz minor departure from cowhide lashes will commonly be the most reasonable, while the more muddled programmed mechanical watches on arm bands (steel, two-tone, PVD, and so on) will expand the cost.

Need jewel markers on your dial? Likewise, a choice! With such a wide reach, we should jump further with a glance at a few additional particular assortments.

Most Notable Movado Watch Collections

Movado Museum Classic



The bread and butter, the center of Movado’s setup, The Exhibition Hall Exemplary is the advanced emphasis of the notorious Bauhaus-roused plan from Nathan George Horwitt in 1947. Spotless, obvious (frequently dark) dials enhanced with a basic speck theme at 12 o’clock.

The Exhibition Hall Exemplary can be bought in three essential sizes, 28mm, 33mm, and 40mm, with either Swiss quartz or programmed developments. It additionally comes in different case materials, going from hardened steel to yellow or rose gold PVD on cowhide or connected arm bands. Jewel markers or date usefulness (with matching date wheels) are the main visual styles to give assortment, would it be a good idea for you to pick further complexity.

Evaluated at 30 meters of water opposition, the Historical Center Exemplary is the most appropriate for office or easygoing savvy wear and is most at home in dressier circumstances. Models range from $595 to $1995.

Movado Bold


Formally (from Movado limited time material), the Movado Striking assortment “offers a cutting edge, moderate style, and a certain wind.” By and by, the Strong assortment gives plenty of additional cutting edge resting plans on existing models in the list on everything from the Exhibition Hall Exemplary to their sportier convoluted chronographs.

With no obvious throughline across the different models (124 variations altogether), maybe the most ideal way to depict the Strong assortment is in an engaged style setting: Searching for a passed out/particle plated Historical center plan (Striking Slim) or a straightforward dial with coordinated anthracite dark elastic lash (Striking Combination Programmed)? You’ll track it down in the strong assortment. Models range from $495 to $1495.

Movado Series 800

Movado Series 800

Jump watches address the top rated structure element of watch plan and capability in the present market. They’re lively, intense, and by and large down to earth, prepared to get destroyed, with water opposition appraisals at 200 meters, and that’s just the beginning. The Series 800 is Movado’s interpretation of the advanced plunge watch.

Elaborately, the Series 800 holds the brand’s spot at 12 o’clock; however, in any case, it embraces conventional jump watch plan language, which is many times Rolex Submariner adjoining. All things considered, it’s difficult to split away and leave one’s own imprint inside such unambiguous useful necessities (pivoting bezel with minute markers, decipherable hands, records, and so on.).

In any case, Movado’s decision to incorporate a 42mm Jumper Chronograph variation is splendid. Costs range from $1,195 for 40mm quartz variations to $2,295 for Swiss-programmed-fueled developments.

Movado Heritage

Movado Heritage

Somewhat recently, classic-motivated plans have been at the front of the watchmaking scene. The Legacy line is Movado’s variant of this, and reasonable the line to most intrigued watch fans or those looking for additional conventional plan language from the 50s and 60s yet in current materials and size.

Watches, for example, the Calendoplan with a sub-seconds hand register at 6:00, Calatrava style. The Alta Super Sub Ocean Programmed, reviewing Movado’s set of experiences with Pinnacle, to the Calendoplan S, a 43mm leveled-up skin jumper plan accessible on a steel network wristband. Evaluating goes from $595 to $3,995, with Swiss quartz and programmed developments accessible.

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Movado Modern 47

Movado Modern 47

The Advanced 47 assortment is straightforward. Take the Gallery Exemplary in 40mm with a quartz development, however, make it beautiful. What’s more, I mean every one of the varieties. From an energetic light pink to yellow gold PVD with a white dial, the Cutting Edge 47 will slow down you $595 to $695 retail, contingent upon your shade of decision.

Should You Buy a Movado Watch?

If the watches address you, farewell to me in any case. Positively, Movado gives a great many choices in variety, plan, and capability, saturated with the memorable plan language of the Historical Center Watch.

A Movado watch will be strong, low pressure, and solid (especially quartz) and frequently give that base crossing point of style and capability expected by most present day purchasers searching for a dedicated day-to-day watch fit for all events.

At its center, this is the ideal interest group for Movado, and they’ve found real success offering the overall outlook. However, what are the choices for the seriously insightful in a similar cost range?

Alternatives To Movado Watch


Tissot is a prestigious Swiss watch brand with a rich and famous history tracing all the way back to 1853. The organization was established by Charles-Félicien Tissot and his child, Charles-Émile Tissot, in the town of Le Locle, Switzerland. From humble starting points, Tissot immediately acquired a standing for development and accuracy well into the current day.

Today, Tissot watches are profoundly respected for their Swiss craftsmanship under the Sample Gathering umbrella, accuracy developments (ex: Powermatic 80, with 80-hour power hold), and a great many styles to suit various preferences and events.

From exemplary plans to energetic chronographs and rich ladies’ watches, Tissot offers a different assortment that requests watch devotees around the world. Watches, for example, the Courteous Fellow Powermatic 80 and PRX Powermatic 80, specifically at the sub-$1000 mark, are convincing choices when weighed against contributions from Movado.


Established in 1892 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Hamilton at first centered around delivering great pocket watches. It immediately acquired a standing for accuracy and unwavering quality, turning into a believed timekeeping ally for railroad workers, who relied upon exact watches to guarantee protected and dependable train plans.

Present-day Hamilton proceeds to enhance and make remarkable watches that mix American legacy with Swiss accuracy. The brand offers a different scope of assortments, including sports watches, dress watches, and one-of-a-kind propelled watches, taking care of different preferences and inclinations.

They’ve likewise turned into sweethearts to the watch lovers in the local area as of late, both for their openness and valuing and their propensity for standing by listening to what devotees need. Watches, for example, the Khaki Field or Murph are much of the time a passage point for authorities, thus, offering mechanical developments and character well under the $1,000 price tag.


Established in Holy Person Imier, Switzerland, by Auguste Agassiz in 1832, Longines ultimately assumed a critical part in the improvement of early games timing and flying in the late nineteenth century into the twentieth century. During the Second Great War, Longines moved its creation to help the military, giving dependable watches to different military.

The brand’s watches were inclined toward pilots and guides because of their precision and clarity. In the post-war period, Longines proceeded to advance and extend its assortment. The brand presented notorious models, for example, the Victory, which exhibited Longines’ obligation to an ageless plan and accuracy.

During the 1950s and 1960s, Longines encountered a flood in prominence as its watches became leaned toward by big names, competitors, and watch devotees around the world. The brand’s watches graced the wrists of outstanding figures, including Audrey Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart, further upgrading Longines’ standing for polish and refinement.

Today, Longines proceeds with that custom contribution with various assortments taking special care of different preferences, from conventional dress watches (Expert Assortment 190th Commemoration) to legacy-propelled plunge watches (Legend Jumper) and aeronautics inclining GMTs (Soul Zulu Time). Evaluated inside the $1,000 to $4,000 territory, the brand offers a foot into the section extravagance experience.

In Conclusion

All in all, is Movado observing any benefit? At last, it depends on you, as a person, to choose. While there are surely different brands with the set of experiences, famous plans, and worth for sure, we as a whole like what we like as people and ought to utilize our very own preferences and interests to assist with directing us in our buying choices.

We trust the data given here can assist you with drawing nearer to focusing on that choice. In any case, one thing is without a doubt: In its more than 100-year history, Movado has gained notoriety for itself as a Swiss watchmaker at large, producing and fostering its own famous models with particular plans as the decades progress.

It has made a degree of progress today in how it is perceived the world over, even as its center keeps on inclining towards style and patterns in the cutting edge market setting. For some purposes, this is reason enough to become involved with the brand. For others still, it’s sufficient to perceive Movado’s verifiable accomplishments yet choose a serious choice with more relative worth and current development. The decision is yours.


Are Movado watches good quality?

Sure! Movado watches are like really nice toys for grown-ups that help them know what time it is. Most people think they’re made well because they look cool and are made in Switzerland, which is known for making really good watches. Some are fancier and use special materials like strong metals and shiny crystals, while others are more simple. It’s like having a cool gadget that looks nice and helps you tell time!

What is special about Movado?

Movado watches are special because they have a simple but unique design. They usually have just one dot at the top to show 12 o’clock, which makes them stand out. They’re also known for being made in Switzerland, a place famous for making high-quality watches. Movado watches come in different styles, some are fancy with expensive materials, and some are more basic. But no matter what, they all have that special look that people love.

Is Tissot better than Movado?
Deciding if Tissot is better than Movado depends on what you like in a watch. Tissot and Movado are both good brands, but they have different styles and features. Tissot watches often have more variety in styles and are known for their reliability and innovation. Movado, on the other hand, is famous for its minimalist design and elegance. Some people prefer Tissot for its sporty and diverse options, while others love Movado for its sleek and simple look. It’s really about personal preference!

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